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  • A progressive approach that nurtures the love for learning, awakens the sense of creation and develops 21st century skills by evolving the pedagogy from within the child’s world

No Bags, No Bells, No Boredome

Unfolding Excitement Each Day

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What’s Going On

  • Story Telling by Parents

    November 22nd

    Bridging the gap between school and home parents volunteered to visit school to tell stories to stud…  

  • Children’s Day Celebration

    November 12th

    Every day is children’s day but this day was special. It was pleasure seeing their expressions whe…  

  • Story Telling- Workshop for Teachers

    September 10th

    Ms. Simi Srivastava, Founder Director of Kathashala, conducted a workshop for teachers on ‘Art of …  

  • Yoga Meet

    September 1st

    Learning Yoga form an essential means of making education complete. Yoga finds a special place in th…  

  • Jodo Gyan – Workshop for Parents

    August 13th

    A very enriching workshop was conducted for parents by Mr. E.K. Sha Ji, Ms. Pooja and Ms. Shubhomita…  

  • Parents Speak

    I feel my trust towards this institution is growing with each passing day when I see my kids exhibiting their learning at home. School is an indispensible part of any individual's life and the right school helps parents nurture their children to grow holistically. I am happy to have chosen Gurukul for my kids and instill my faith towards better development of children studying in this school.

    Suchita Bansal
    (Mother of Swastika and Avantika – Nursery)

  • Parents Speak

    Gurukul 'The school' is the place where mind grows not in the box of books but in the exposure of knowledge. Teachers were always eager to develop imaginative, creative and team work skills to their students. I feel proud and satisfied when my little daughter says "Mama I can do my work on my own.” Gurukul is inspiring my child to think more, do more and learn more...

    Madhu Rani
    ( Mother of Aashi – Class III)

  • Parents Speak

    A wonderful school, with focus on all aspects of learning instead of only academics. Learning involves critical thinking and observation of the world around which helps children to make their own decisions and choices. Very good infrastructure and focus on every individual student in terms of strength and weakness. The school has a great team with lot of focus on making learning a fun. I can see the difference in my kids in last one year.

    Ram Awasthi
    (Father of Prakhar and Parnika – Class K.G. & III)

  • Parents Speak

    Like most parents, ensconced within our hearts, was the desire for that ideal school that our child would go to. A school that we wished we ourselves had studied in. In Gurukul we are seeing that wish coming true. Here, we see the vision, the innovation, and the ability to provide our child with the wholesome education and life skills to shape him for the challenges that the future might throw at him.

    Soumyadip Choudhury
    (Father of Advay Choudhury – Class I)

  • Parents Speak

    It's about an year back when my hunt for a school started for my son. Gurukul was the one which I finalized because of excellent infrastructure and a unique study pattern blending academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Now I really feel happy today that entire Gurukul staff made my decision right. Me and my wife have seen lot of positive changes happening in Sherill. I feel glad to see my child always ready to go school. My sincere thanks to Gurukul family. Thanks a million.

    Sachin Gupta
    (Father of Sherill – Class I)

  • Parents Speak

    I am so glad that my ward Abhigyan is studying in GURUKUL. The process of teaching, the motherly love and care that he gets keeps him motivated to go to school every day. I wish all the schools can be GURUKUL but the best is only one. Thanks to the entire staff for such a lovely atmosphere within the school.

    Sarika Uppal
    (Mother of Abhigyan – Grade II)


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