Learning spaces

Our campus is second home to us. It is not just a building, it is a learning aid. Every learning space is inviting, comfortable and conducive for exploration and expression. The whole infrastructure sets the tone for experiential learning and collaborative work.

Freely accessible learning spaces ensure comfortable stay in school. To ensure pleasing ambience for learning, entire campus is centrally air conditioned. Safety and security of each child is our utmost responsibility. Whole building is under CCTV surveillance.


“My classroom is like my room”
Shaurya Chauhan, Grade II

Gurukulites love to be in inviting, free and comfortable atmosphere of their classrooms. This is the place where they spend great deal of their time. Lot of attention is paid to the physical environment of the classrooms. Each classroom has ‘Instructional Area’ where students gather to understand the task assigned, ‘Reading Corner’ to grab a book, and individual cubbies which children treat as their personal space. Organized spaces and cooperative learning arrangements strengthen learning experiences. Children love to decide arrangement of furniture according to classroom activity, taking care of display boards and cleanliness of their respective classrooms.


“It is so beautiful; I love the activities; I
love listening to stories; I love reading
books there; I love puppets; I love whole

Adhya Verma, Grade I

Kathashala is our story telling room. Children wait to spend time here. The reason to have a specific story telling room named as Kathashala is to bring the culture of storytelling back to the childhood. Children relive stories and give wings to their imagination here. They listen to stories in a very informal atmosphere and share a special bond with the story teller. Retelling stories, role plays, making props and reading books bring out the best in each child and facilitate cooperative learning. Telling stories using puppets is the closest to the heart of all.


“I want to be here the whole day.”
Diti Thakur, Grade II

Free Play Zone is hot favourite of all. It has magical effect on children that takes them to the world of their fascinations. Most adorable moments of childhood are seen here. It is a place where children’s freedom to choose is enjoyed to its best. Here children find stuff to cater to their natural drive, needs and brain-building process. It helps children in building physical skills, social skills, language, communication and cognitive skills that they need to take them into a successful adulthood.

Here our children feel happy, loved and safe!


“Dhyaan makes us calm. We love to spread yoga mats and do pranayams.”

Ananya, Grade I

Dhyaan is our yoga room. This place takes the children away from the pressures of today’s world and passivity caused due to life style followed. Children feel the calming effect of ambience just as they step in Dhyaan and when they step out they look relaxed and fulfilled. They love to practice difficult yoga asanas and setting challenges for themselves. Here children learn techniques for self-health, relaxation, and connecting with oneself which helps them to navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.


“Art Studio is my favourite place”
says Nirvaan (Grade II)
Who is interested only in robots and spaceships.

Art Studio is a place where freedom of expression is enjoyed and celebrated. Children amaze us with the magic they create with various art techniques learnt. Every child’s creation is different and a reflection of his/her personality. Art is a form of meditation for children. They love to sit down on cushions or lie down on floor, find connection with Earth and work meticulously. They hold their breath to paint their creations, join pieces to give form to their imagination. Every time children work on some art form they surprise everyone with their creativity. Art Studio is a place where emotions are expressed cognitively.


Study is our library. We believe that an education center is as good as its library. Study has very informal and cozy ambience to make reading an informal learning experience. In Study children get connected to the world unseen through books. Lying on cushions in their favourite place in Study and reading is a perfect setting to get lost in books. Study is a catalyst for learning and innovation, and plays a key role in supporting and developing enjoyment of reading. It is central point for engagement with all kinds of literature activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussions.


Mont Lab is “Children’s House”, a place where children feel secure, confident and where a child’s needs come first. Here, one would feel and see a general camaraderie, children chatting in low voices, working together or individually on different activities and teacher observing the child, encouraging independence and freedom of choice. Respectful and courteous behaviour between the children and between the teacher and the children is a naturally followed norm. The lab is maintained and looked after by the children and teacher, by the end of the day it mostly looks like it did at the beginning of the day.

Here children do not experience failure, but experience practice.


In Delish, whole school eats together. It is a place where school’s culture is incubated and hatched. Here students are not only served with food but they are also served with social interactions. Children relish the delicious food cooked in school’s kitchen. Most of the time students set the menu of Delish. Here children not only eat but also serve food to others. It is a place lot of social bonding happening over the lunch and a real social experience is practiced.


“I like Sky Field because from here I can
see all the buildings around.”
Parnika Awasthi, Grade II

Sky Field is the playground. It is a multi-utility sports field. It has been designed with all safety features keeping the security of children in mind. We hold everything from sports activities, academic classes to circle time activities in Sky Field. Children are always eager to have cricket and football sessions here. Spending time here freshen us up. On weekends teachers energize themselves here through sports activities. The view from Sky Field is like cherry on the cake.


Dance Studio, Music Studio and Theatre Studio are aesthetically designed and well equipped performing arts studios. Children love to experience different performing art forms here. They dance, act, sing and perform freely, overcoming their inhibitions and fears. At these places children meet their real self. They get opportunity to deal with their emotions and utilize their energies. Seeing their unfolding talent challenges the facilitators to raise their bar of training.


Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) is where whole school meets for occasional morning assemblies, celebrations, presentations, workshops and other events. It is a place where the unity and togetherness is celebrated. On last working day of every month students present whatever learnt during whole month for the students of other grades. This month end presentation is much awaited to see everyone performing and getting together. High end acoustical design and modern infrastructure adds to the well-staged events. We turn our MPH into cinema hall during movie shows and everybody looks forward to these movie shows.