The Team

  • Designing learning methodology challenges us
  • The results make us believe
  • The children inspire a sense of dedication

The Gurukul team is a well-knit team of like-minded people united together by single vision of providing education of life and for life. We dream of awakening a sense of joy, creation and innovation in children. We work together to create synergy to produce sum greater than the parts. There is no hierarchy when it comes to sitting together and discussing ideas. The multidisciplinary work cuts across the organizational divide to bring out the best in all.
Together we have created open and fearless atmosphere which makes working enjoyable and productive. Working to bring up Gurukul is like realizing dream and precisely, that is why everyone nurtures it with heart and soul and even a minor accomplishment make us all the partners in joy. It is a mutual and unsaid realization that WE BELONG TO EACH OTHER.

Mr. Sachin Vats

Founder Director

A renowned Educationist, Academician and a Philanthropist and a visionary Mr. Sachin Vats- the Founder Director of Gurukul The School, believes that Education is like a touchstone that changes ignorance into enlightenment and transforms young minds into skilled leaders.

He feels that today when the world has woken up to the infinite potential of youth, the greatest challenge for any educator lies in channelizing the bounteous energy that every child is born with, and streamlining the wonderful skill sets each of them is endowed with, by creating a learning environment where each child feels valued and every opinion is respected. It’s the efforts and tremendous dedication of Mr. Sachin Vats that Gurukul The School one of the top ranking schools of the city.

Fulfilling the social responsibility he is the part of Rotary Club of Ghaziabad since years and is currently heading the District Chair of Rotary Interact Club. He is Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International. He has also been awarded Avenue of Service Citation and Rotarian of the year award, 2012. He is also the Vice President of Manovikas Charitable Society which is a civil society organization whose goal is to successfully help those with intellectual and development disabilities. He is also the Vice President of District Hockey Association. He thereby promotes Optimum exposure to the sports activities, building stamina, teaches team spirit and prepares one for the arena of life.

Mr. Vats is Gold Medalist in B.Tech, Masters in Education and Administration. He also has flare for art and is associated with theatre since his school days.

He has been a speaker and a panelist in many International and National Conferences & Seminars. He has also presented a paper on Transformation of Education sector in India – new soft Power element, at University of Warsaw, Poland.

Vikram Dutt

A former civil servant and motivational speaker, he is disability expert, documentary film maker, inclusive and special education consultant, university teacher, journalist and feature writer and a sportsperson and qualified sports coach. He has been active in the passage of several landmark legislations in the social service sector and has initiated work in the field of mental health and well-being of orphans and juveniles. He is also a former Vice Chairperson of the Forum of Public Schools.

Mr. Vikram dutt is a Founder Associate Editor of Institutionalized Children Expectations and Beyond, a New Delhi based SAARC academic journal on mental well-being of children. He is a former Editor of Indian Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation and has been an Editorial Consultant to the Boston University-based journal – Sexuality and Disability.

He is the author of over 250 publications and has more than 50 documentary films to his credit. Many of these have been screened at prestigious International Film Festivals. He has been a visiting fellow to the U.S.A, Italy, Germany, and the UK. He has also been invited by the governments of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and has participated in film and journalistic curricula there. The USA invited him as a State Guest under a special Indo-US protocol in the disability field. He was also invited as Resource Person in his parent’s country of origin –Bangladesh – for establishing Inclusive Education in that country.

His international honours include ‘500 Intellectuals to Influence Contemporary Thought’ and ‘Man of the Year’ and ‘Man of the Decade’ Awards, all from USA. He has been felicitated by the Chairperson of the British House of Lords Committee on Disability. He has also won several awards in India for his work with the disadvantaged, including the ‘Gaurav Samman’ Award and an Award for promoting international peace and understanding from Italy. Currently, he also serves as a Core Committee Member of Experts on Rehabilitation established under the Government of India.


Major General Pramod Saighal retired in 2002 as the Head of Army Air Defence College wherein he trained officers in Nano-Technology, Information Technology, Electronic Warfare, Radars and Computers. He has trained over three thousand officers of Indian and 38 foreign Armies at Army War College Mhow. He has also trained cadets of The National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla and The Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai. He is a pilot and a deep sea diver and has flown extensively in the North-East and J&K.

Since 2004, he has been working on a mission whose primary aim is to add solidity to the lives of children through a variety of workshops designed to improve their competitiveness and earning potential. Till date, he has counselled approximately 8.3 lakh children of schools, colleges and universities on The finest career opportunities through science, commerce and humanities, Personality development, motivation and power of thoughts, Defence Services and Civil Services, National Security and Leadership in the 21st century. In 2011 and 2012, he counselled over 30,000 children in South, Central and North Kashmir at the behest of The Army and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He has aso counselled children in dacoit-infested areas around Rewa and Satna at the behest of Chinmaya Mission.

Ms. Nandita Tewari

Ms. Nandita Tewari has acquired an interesting and diverse experience after she forayed into education thirteen years ago. She is expert of innovative inclusive education. She is a firm believer in teaching the way students learn and offers an exhaustive repertoire of strategies for all kinds of learners in the classroom. She has been instrumental in curriculum designing based on ‘backwards by design’ and ‘concept based learning.’ She studied History in BA Honours from Lady Shri Ram College and then did her Masters in Business Administration. Re-orienting her priorities in life, she did B.Ed in Special Education from Jamia Millia University, specialising in Learning Disabilities. Her desire to acquire pedagogical expertise led her to pursue a PG Diploma in Learning Disabilities, culminating in a M.S. (Multi-disciplinary Education) from State University of New York, USA, specialising in EAL, Gifted and Talented and SEN interventions. She has been a speaker for innovative pedagogy at the Asia Pacific Leadership Conference in Hong Kong. She is trained in IB English Language and Literature and currently pursuing action research in approaches to teaching and learning in the IB Diploma programme. As the Curriculum group chair for EAL teachers among all secondary ESF schools in Hong Kong, she has been sharing her own perspective, learning and experiences in her classroom by way of organising sessions for Education Bureau of Hongkong and other international school teachers in HongKong. She is also listed as a certified test assessor in the British Psychological Society, London. She has also worked at the American Embassy School, New Delhi and the Dekalb County Schools, Georgia, US.

Dr. Sharon Zumbrunn

Dr. Sharon Zumbrunn is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Virginia, USA). Her research focuses on the contexts that foster student writing success, and interventions to improve student writing motivation and self-regulation. Dr. Zumbrunn has been principal investigator of several funded studies longitudinally exploring the development of student writing motivation, self-regulation, and achievement.

Mr. Yashpal Solanki 

Mr. Yashpal Solanki has been playing Judo continuously for the last 25 years and represented country at the international level. He has participated in approximately 100 world class championships with 30 medals to his credit.

He is decorated with prestigious ArjunAward, Bhima Award and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award for his achievements in the field of Judo. He is also Commonwealth Champion-2010 and World Cup Bronze Medalist 1996.Under his guidance as coach Indian Judo Team has represented India at many International tournaments including Rio Olympics, 2016.

Ms. Arti Solanki

Ms. Arti Solanki is playing judo continuously for the last twenty one years and represented India at the international level championships.

She made earnest efforts to bring laurels and fame for India by participating in approximately thirty International Championships/Games including Atlanta Olympics 1996 and World Cup 1997. She has also been awarded with prestigious Bhim Award by the Government of Haryana. She is driven by her passion of motivating students to focus on games as well as they are important for mental and physical well-being.

Ms. Prabha Verma

Ms. Prabha Verma is a highly skilled and overtly student- focused educational leader. She has a strong commitment to the development of students, staff and providing a stimulating and motivating learning environment. Dynamic visionary leader and solid team player with a proven track record in collaborating with the school, community, increasing student academics, and maintains an excellence in education, a professional with superior communication skills to develop strong and lasting relationships with all the members of the school community.

Ms. Prabha Verma did schooling from Sophia School Ajmer, she is a recipient of National scholarship who obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.She completed her post graduation along with M.Phil from School of International Studies JNU, New Delhi. A great educationist with 37 years of teaching experience at both college and school. She has been a founder Principal of two leading school including Gurukul -The School Ghaziabad (NH-24 Branch)