What is the relevance of skill based learning followed by you?

Skill based learning is the need of the hour. Today’s children are going to live in the world which cannot be foreseen now. Memorization of knowledge is becoming redundant. What can ensure excelling in an unforeseen world are skills. Children need to acquire skills of thinking, reasoning, problem solving and creativity to be able to make the most of what world would offer them. Skill development can happen only when children go through meaningful experiences, solve problems, apply learning and construct knowledge. This enables students to escape traditional lectures and textbooks that promote memorization and to work in learner-centered learning environment. It also enhances self-directed learning and decision making.

What do you mean by child- sensitive pedagogy?

Child-sensitive pedagogy is using that way of teaching by which the children learn the best. Age of the child determines the method of teaching. Age specific content is very important for children to build socio-emotional connect with the concept.

How do you implement experiential learning?

Students learn through hands on practices. They apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems or situations where the teacher directs and facilitates learning. Different learning spaces serve as a setting for experiential learning through embedded activities such as case and problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations, experiments, or art projects.

How many students do you have in one class?

The best teacher student ratio of 14:1 is followed so that every child gets personal attention and the learning process is followed in its true spirit.

What is the admission process?

The parents would have to register the child (online/in the school office) for the age-appropriate class and submit documents accordingly. On completion of the registration process, parents will be invited for an interaction with the School Head. Admission would be confirmed on the payment of fees.

Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?

No written tests are required for Pre-Primary level. Here, the admission can be confirmed after an interaction with the School Head.

Primary Level: From grade one onwards child has to attempt an entrance test for admission.

Are meals provided in school? 

We provide wholesome well-balanced vegetarian meals in school.

What are the School Timings? 

School Timings are:

Pre-Nursery – 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 

Nursery onwards – 8:00 a.m. to 1:50 p.m.

Whom do I contact for admissions? 

1. Parents can send their enquiry on mail i.e. infocrossings@gurukultheschool.com or apply online.

2. Parents can call front desk or helpline number to fix an appointment with School Counselor for admission enquiry.

Is Day boarding facility available? 

No, we do not have day boarding facility.

Is it a bag less school?

Yes, it is a bag less school. Children carry only school almanac and their water bottles to school.

How is the teaching faculty selected?

Appropriate educational qualifications, relevant experience, demonstration lesson and a rigorous interview process are the selection criteria for teachers. Besides this rigorous programme of teacher training is followed to train teaching faculty in carrying on experiential learning.

What are the co-curricular activities offered?

The co-curricular activities include arts, music, dance, aerobics, sports, yoga and theatre.

What are the child safety measures adopted by the school?

The school has implemented measures like CCTV, soft padded play area, child friendly infrastructure and settings of learning spaces, SMS alerts to parents, infirmary and Emergency Response Team (ERT) for the safety of its students. It is mandatory that each bus to have a female attendant till the last drop.

Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

The school has an infirmary with full time lady Nurse for expert medical care and advice. School also has tie up with Columbia Asia and Indo German Hospital. Term wise medical checkup is carried out for all students by the team of doctors from a reputed organization. 

What is the age requirement for admission?

The age criteria for admission to various classes is as below (Age is considered as on 31st March of the academic year) 










What sports facilities will the school provide?

School has well equipped Sports Gym, multi-utility Sky Field and playground where all age specific and skill specific activities are conducted. Proper Sports curriculum is followed.

Will the school take students for educational excursions?

Yes, educational excursions form an integral part of learning process

How does the communication of parents happen with teacher?

Teachers communicate to parents every day about the classroom proceedings through the school’s App and there is occasional telephonic conversation happening between teachers and parents to share the growth of the child. PTMs are one to one meeting of parent and teacher.

Does the school provide transport?

Yes, Gurukul has its own fleet of buses to provide safe and secure transport. Buses are air conditioned. All the buses have mobile connectivity.