For Gurukulites,
Gurukul is second
home and they love to
come to their school
each day.

At Gurukul there is no bell to ring and tell that duration of learning period is over. There is no bag full of textbooks to burden the childhood. Special care is taken to make every learning experience full of excitement, purpose and motivation.Teachers and students enjoy the flexibility of time depending upon the duration needed to have the learning experience.

The quest for knowledge goes beyond what happens in the classroom. Children love to learn every moment, from every experience and at every nook and corner of the campus. The teaching pedagogy develops natural sense of belongingness for the campus, properties and school’s staff. Children are given responsibility of decision making, helping friends and staff, decorating school and taking care of school campus.

A usual day begins with outdoor activity or circle time. Outdoor experiences and circle time in morning set the tone for whole day. This is followed by contextual experiential learning time and co-curricular activities. Curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal place in a day’s schedule. It is made sure that each day is full of excitement for learning and there is no monotonous schedule or drudgery. Lunch time is considered an important learning time when children have their meals together in Delish. Children love to serve each other during lunch time. At times children decide the menu of Delish and get involved in cooking process.

Every day ends with Reflection Time and Grooming Time when whole class sits in a circle to gather the energy and to summarize the learning of the day. Before leaving every child looks at himself/ herself in the mirror to groom. When it’s all said and done children leave the school with a lot of great memories of all the time they had in school.